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Follow Your Passion and Find Your Dream Job

Filled with inspiring stories of real people who have changed careers in mid-life, What's Next? by Kerry Hannon provides a roadmap for anyone looking to make a successful career transition or to find their dream job.  From a former mortgage banker who's back in the classroom to a tough cop turned Nashville music agent, Hannon's  case studies offer both inspiration and practical advice to people who want to reinvent their lives and careers.  What's Next? proves that it's never too late to pursue your passion and achieve your dreams. 

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Highlights from the Table of Contents

Career Change Profiles

A Tough Cop Turned Nashville Music Agent... A Cross-Country Journey from News to Wine... At Home With the Homeless... From High Finance to Ravioli... From the Corporate Ladder to the Pulpit... From Capitol Hill to Capitol Humor... and many more!

Career Transition Tips And Resources

Are You Ready for The Non-Profit World?... How To Form A Career Change Club... Reasons to Volunteer... Connecting With A Career Coach... Great Job Sites for Older Workers... Educational Vacations... The ABC's of Franchising... Best Fields for Starting Over... and much more!