Career Aptitude and Personality Tests

Myers Briggs... Strong Interest Inventory... FIRO-B... CPI 260... You have probably heard of these tests, because they represent some of the most highly regarded career and personality assessment instruments in the market today.  Each one is designed to provide insight into a different aspect of your personality, work style, and career aptitudes.  All have been takens by thousands (if not millions) of individuals over the past decades and are widely recognized for their usefulness by career counselors, executive coaches, and life coaches around the world.

Through our agreement with, users of can take any one of the tests listed below at extremely attractive prices that include the following benefits:

  • Access to the online system to take the test at your convenience
  • Test results by email within 12 hours
  • A one-hour personal consultation with an experienced career test consultant to discuss your results
  • Money back guarantee if not completely satisfied

Well designed assessment tests can provide valuable guidance in the process of choosing a career, changing careers, or making lifestyle adjustments to achieve a greater sense of professional accomplishment and personal fulfillment.  We encourage you to consider using one of these tests -- and especially the comprehensive What's Next Combination Package -- as you consider how best to acheive your own personal and professional goals.

What's Next Combination Package

MBTIdescribe the imageThe What's Next Combination Package is specifically designed for those who are contemplating a change in career or major life transition.  Taken in combination, the Myers Briggs test and the Strong Interest Inventory (described below) provide a comprehensive profile of your personality, your interests, and your professional needs -- creating an essential foundation for you to build on as you create a strategy for making a successful career or life transition. The discounted combination price makes this a particularly attractive offer for individuals who are actively managing a change in their personal or professional lives.

Sign up for the What's Next Combination Package to take the MBTI and the Strong Interest Inventory. You will receive coordinated feedback from both tests and a comprehensive interpretation of how the results relate to midlife career change or life transition ($89).

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Myers Briggs Test

Meyers Briggs Type Indicator Test (MBTI)The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) provides insight into your own personal work style by assessing how you interact with the world on four key dimensions.  Because the test focuses on personality assessment, the MBTI is designed to help you understand how you can interact most productively with other people. Myers Briggs is one of the oldest and most respected of the work-oriented personality tests, and has been taken by literally millions of men and women over the decades.  The MBTI will help you understand what motivates you and what makes you tick. It will also provide insight into how to better interact with your colleagues and peers -- in the workplace and in your personal life.

Take the MBTI to learn about your natural strengths and talents and to discover the top 24 careers for your personality type ($49).

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Strong Interest Inventory

Strong Interest InventoryThe Strong Interest Inventory is an in-depth assessment of your interests and how they line up against a broad range of occupations, work and leisure activities. The Strong test is the most widely used interest assessment in the world and is considered the gold standard of career tests. Based on decades of research with people who are satisfied in their careers, the Strong Interest Inventory measures your unique profile of interests and compares it to people already in the workforce.  By aligning your results with people already known to be satisfied with their careers, the Strong test is able to provide you with a detailed report of the careers that are a good fit for you.  The test is also useful for individuals who are seeking insight into what sort of volunteer work or leisure activities will provide them with fulfillment in their personal lives or in their retirement years.

Take the Strong Interest Inventory to see hundreds of popular careers ranked according to your unique interest profile.  Feedback includes your score on six Strong Occupational Themes and a personalized action plan for career development ($49).

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CPI 260

cpi260 grey

The CPI 260 is primarily a personality assessment test, but it has relevance to your professional life as well.  The test is designed to accurately reflect how others see you on 26 distinct perosnality attributes such as Empathy, Independence, Responsibility, Tolerance, and Self-Control.  It also provides feedback on how you present yourself in a business setting, covering attributes such as Leadership, and Managerial Potential.

Take the CPI 260 to see how you score on 26 personality types, get insight into how others see you, and get feedback on your overall satisfaction with your current lifestyle ($109).

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FIRO B career aptitude testThe FIRO B Test measures your interpersonal needs in three key areas:  Inclusion, Control, and Affection.  This personality and career test explores how you express your own needs as well as what you want from others.  In this way, the FIRO B test will give you insight on why others may misunderstand your intentions, and how you can adjust your behavior to be most effective at work and in your personal life. The FIRO B test will help you to understand how to function at your best in an organization and is an excellent tool to use when creating a personal or career development plan. 

Take the FIRO B test to assess your need for Inclusion, Affection, and Control, and to get comprehensive feedback on your interpersonal needs and behavior.  ($39).

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